Lives for football, lives IN a football: Lionel Messi is having an original football-shaped house built in Barcelona

It’s often said about the four-time Ballon D’Or winner Lionel Messi that ‘he just lives for football’.

Now he’s taking that maxim to the extreme: by having an original custom-made football-shaped house built in Barcelona.

The conceputal mansion has been designed by the architect Luis de Garrido, and features a garden area designed like a football pitch, with the ball (house) positioned in the middle. It is proposed for the Llavaneres Sant Andreu municipality – 36 kilometres north of Barcelona, Spain – and the concept is to reflect the interests and lifestyle requirements  Lionel Messi, i.e. football, football, football.

It is still at design stages, but if it does eventually see the day, Leo Messi will have won Footballer’s Cribs. Forever.

A video of the Garrido talking through the design can be seen below, with blueprint pictures below the fold.

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