Liverpool’s Luis Suarez stands by ‘revenge’ claim, and that he is not respected in England [Mirror]

It was clear from Luis Suarez’s raucous celebrations after his two goals downed England last week, that it meant more to him because of the opponent.

And sure enough, post-game, Suarez spoke of ‘revenge’ for the way he’s treated by the press in England.

This, despite the fact that he was voted Player of the Year by the Football Writers’ Association last season, as many journos pointed out to him today.

Still, Suarez stands over his claim and feelings, and told Mirror Football today:

You work in England, and that was in the papers.

You should know what happened and I think it was nothing more than just in the papers.

Everybody knows that I was elected the best player of the year. I guess this is very obvious and even the people in the Premier League voted for me and then, if the papers vote for me as well, that is sensational.

“But what happened before the match – I did not want to attack anybody, only some media started making fun of me and you are in the media.

You are in the media, you should know what happened and why they did that to me.

Making fun of him before the Uruguay – England game? Scared of him more like!