Liverpool’s Luis Suarez scores 2 for Uruguay v Peru, wins easy pen & gets Yotun sent off

El Pistolero had a classic Suarezian performance for Uruguay last night: he won the match with two goals, but as ever was involved in his customary controversy. Suarez scored the opening goal from the penalty spot, but he went down very easily in the area after a challenge by his marker.

It wasn’t a dive, but it’s fair to say he ‘won’ the penalty.

Liverpool’s main man then played a very active role in Peru’s Victor Yotun being sent off, writhing around in pain after Yotun stretched his arm to lift him to his feet, and really milking the situation to make the ref’s decision for him.

Watch Suarez’s double for Uruguay, and his bit of play-acting to get his opponent sent off on the clips below.

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