Liverpool’s Luis Suarez explains why he loves playing with Daniel (Sturridge)

Liverpool have been firing on all cylinders at the start of the 2013/14 campaign, with Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez linking up brilliantly up front.

So far this season the pair have managed ten goals between them in only eight games. Five of those eight, Suarez was banned for.

Suarez said, “I am so happy because when you have a very good striker, and a very good partner, for defenders it is difficult because they have to give their attention to two players – not just one.”

“If maybe two defenders come towards me, this creates space for Danny. This is important not just for me, but for the team and our confidence.”

“He is a very good player. He had difficult moments at Chelsea and (Manchester) City, but this is a good time for him and I am so happy with him.”

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