Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt provides an A-to-Z Scouse dictionary (video)

Liverpool attacker Dirk Kuyt has taken some time out of his busy schedule to give an interview with Liverpool TV in which the Dutchman showed off his fluency in scouse.

During the one-on-one, Dirk Kuyt went through every letter of the alphabet to show off his scouse lingo with the words forwarded then contextualised for comedy merit.

For the letter “M,” which was said to stand for “Mossi,” the context which was given is that “for the last 10 years Gary Neville has been trying to grow a …”

Able to laugh at themselves too, for the letter “Q,” which was said to stand for “Quid,” was used in the sentence “the kids around Anfield will look after your car on a matchday for a ….”

Liverpool Dirk Kuyt A-to-Z Scouse dictionary can be seen here.


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