Liverpool’s Andre Wisdom drives his £100,000 Porsche in a muddy bog after getting lost en route to Derby [Pictures]

Andre Wisdom, the Liverpool defender who is currently on loan at Derby, suffered a heavy financial loss at the weekend.

Whilst the Rams picked up a 3-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday, Wisdom’s journey to the match went haywire after he was reportedly misdirected by his satnav.

Wisdom, 20, got stuck in a huge mud-filled puddle after driving down a woodland track three miles from the nearest main road. Hilariously, the Liverpool defender then abandoned his vehicle in order to get to the game on time, while the car was later found by a mountain biker on Saturday morning.

The Mirror has a collection of brilliant quotes about the event, starting with a source who said:

Andre is new to the area and doesn’t know his way around. He is staying in a hotel while he finds somewhere to live. He left the hotel and on his way to the ground he popped into a shop to get a drink.

Because Andre wasn’t sure of the way to Pride Park from the shop, he entered the postcode in the Porsche’s satnav and it took him all the way down a muddy track. The poor lad phoned the club to explain what had happened and managed to get himself to the ground in time to play.

Pictures of Andre Wisdom ‘s £100,000 Porsche in a muddy bog are below.