Liverpool uproar as Hillsborough cop Norman Bettison is invited to a Wolves game forces a club statement

Norman Bettison, the disgraced former chief constable at the head of the police cover up in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster, was spotted at Wolves’ away clash with Bradford City on Saturday and that has sparked fury.

Wolves chairman Steve Morgan was photographed warmly shaking the hand of Norman Bettison in the directors box, while several more photos showed the duo chatting along like chums as the match played on below.

It has since been confirmed that Norman Bettison was personally invited to the game by Mr Morgan, and Liverpool fans have spoken out in outrage.

Mr Morgan is known to be a lifelong Liverpool fan and former shareholder who launched a bid for control of the club in 2004, and he has known the former Merseyside chief constable for several years.

On the back of fierce abuse from Liverpool fans, Wolves issued a club statement on the matter on their website on Wednesday. The message read:

The Club has been contacted by many fans regarding some Express & Star tweets this morning referring to a big Wolves story, which was about to break.

The story is that Sir Norman Bettison attended the Bradford City away game in the same way he has attended many Wolves games in the past.  Steve Morgan and Sir Norman Bettison have known each other for many years. 

Everyone connected with the Club has the utmost sympathy and respect for the victims of Hillsborough and their families, and today’s Express and Star story should in no way should detract from those heartfelt sentiments.  

A series of tweets on the matter can be read below.