Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers stuck Justice 96 campaigner’s inspirational words on dressing room wall at Norwich

Brendan Rodgers felt inspired by the Hillsborough Memorial service last Monday, at which he gave a special reading and speech.

After the win over Norwich today, the Liverpool manager revealed how he used the words of of Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall to inspire his players to do it for the fans and people of Liverpool.

Rodgers said:

We had the ­memorial service this week, marking 25 years since the disaster, which was really touching . We used words from Margaret Aspinall, where she said, ‘Stress is difficult but also good because it gives you a determination to fight’.

“Before the game we stuck those words on the wall. This is a club that is at one with those who fought to achieve their ultimate goal.”

Yet another stroke of inspired genius from the Northern Irishman.

(Via Martin Lipton’s Mirror article)