Brendan Rodgers slams Fergie’s book: ‘He lacks old school ethics, he’ll apologise to Jordan Henderson for mocking his running style’ [Video]

Fergie may be already regretting writing his book.

After already taking some barbed criticism from ex-captain Roy Keane – ‘he doesn’t know the meaning of the word loyalty’, his breaking of dressing room omerta appears equally unwelcome among his managerial peers.

And now Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has come forth pretty strongly on the subject.

Rodgers accused d Sir Alex Ferguson of lacking “old school ethics” after lifting the lid on 26 years of sacred dressing room secrets.

Rodgers was also unhappy with Ferguson for criticising the Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard who he had said was not was not a “top, top player” despite having tried to buy him in 2005.

Surprisingly, of all the anti-Liverpool content in the book, Rodgers says he was most disappointed with Ferguson’s very odd reference to Jordan Henderson’s ‘running style’, and says that Ferguson will apologise if he ever meets Henderson in the future.

“Anyone who’s been in football knows that whatever is said behind closed doors and in the changing room is something you wouldn’t want to hear again.

“It’s something that’s vitally important. You want to know as a human being that you can speak openly and communication is honest, and hopefully wouldn’t get repeated.

“You would like to think you would still have some old school values and ethics that whatever is said you take it on the chin and keep it behind closed doors and move on.”

Of the Gerrard comment, Rodgers said:

“Everyone who’s seen that would probably say it’s more than harsh. It’s just not credible.

I’ve watched Steven over many years and recognised he was a top player but it’s only when you come in and work with the man and realise how professional he is on a daily basis that you understand his performance level.

“This is a guy who at 33 years of age who is a top, top player. He’s a wonderful talent and I don’t think anyone could argue.

Watch Brendan Rodgers’ (justifiably) angry reaction to Alex Ferguson’s book on the clip below.

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