Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers plays down Harry Redknapp’s book claims that he wanted him as his hypothetical England Number 2

The Daily Mail featured an extract from Harry Redknapp’s book last week, in which he explains that should he have gotten the England job, he wanted Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers as his hypothetical number 2.

The QPR manager claims that he was so confident of landing the hot seat following Fabio Capello’s departure in February 2012 that he had already sounded out then-Swansea manager Rodgers as his assistant.

The extract goes as follows:

“He had players at Swansea passing it like Franz Beckenbauer,” Redknapp writes in his new autobiography which is being serialised in the Daily Mail. My thinking on Brendan was this: if he can do it with players from the lower leagues at Swansea what can he do with Rio and Terry or Rooney and Gerrard? 

So when Tottenham played Swansea on April 1, 2012 I pulled Brendan after the game and said that if all the speculation about me and England was true would he consider coming to the European Championships in the summer as my part-time coach? He was up for it.”

Rodgers was asked about it today, and somewhat awkwardly beat around the bush, sidestepping the question on the reporters lips – would he have taken it? -, instead saying no decision was made either way, but that he certainly would have considered it.

So, would he or wouldn’t he (have left Swansea to be England number 2?)

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