Liverpool legend John Barnes raps Rappers Delight at Mark Wright’s 50th birthday party

First it was the Anfield Rap, now John Barnes appears to have taken up Rappers Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang as his song of choice.

Earlier this month, we featured the former Liverpool winger rapping Rappers Delight when he thought no one was watching – video here.

Now a new video has appeared of John Barnes rapping at former Liverpool team mate Mark Wright’s birthday party this past weekend.

YouTuber Baz Todd sets the scene on the video below: “I was lucky enough to be invited to ex Liverpool & England defender Mark Wright’s 50th birthday, amongst the guests were many Liverpool Legends, including my ultimate footballing hero John Barnes, after a little bit of arm twisting & alcohol, I managed to get John to entertain the crowd… Like this! Such an amazing & entertaining individual, BRILLIANT