Liverpool legend Fowler Tweets to Chelsea fans singing about the Gerrard slip

Like many Premier League matches this weekend, songs about Steven Gerrard could be heard during Chelsea’s 3-1 win at Burnley last night.

It seems fans of Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton and Chelsea are all still revelling in the fact that Liverpool’s captain slipped to ruin their title chances at the end of last season.

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler heard the Steven Gerrard songs on his television on Monday night, as sung from the Chelsea support at Turf Moor, and decided on his own riposte on Twitter.

Fowler pointed out that a Chelsea legend was also responsible for a rather famous slip at a crucial time.

Not long after, the Tweet was deleted by Fowler and the former Liverpool striker was hailing the quality of Chelsea’s second goal at Burnley.

Plenty of screenshots still exist though….