Liverpool FC apologise after official Twitter account endorses Munich disaster mockery

On Friday morning Liverpool FC went some way in righting the wrong of the Twitter debacle on Thursday night.

If you are yet to see what happened on Liverpool’s twitter account regarding the Munich disaster mockery, then you must read this article.

Although it may be better to see an apology on their official Twitter account, Liverpool should be applauded somewhat for releasing a statement apologising for their actions on the social media site.

It read ‘Liverpool Football Club responded quickly to correct the error of judgement that was made last night on it’s official Twitter account in responding to a distasteful and inappropriate Tweet.’

The Club took decisive action and the comment was deleted swiftly. We apologise, unreservedly, for any offence that was caused by this mistake.

A Manchester United spokesman said: “We welcome the apology.”

The Manchester Evening News claim an internal investigation has been launched by Liverpool FC and they ‘are not though to be ruling out strong action’.

Hopefully this awful error can be quickly forgotten and doesn’t lead to even more severed ties between Liverpool and Manchester United ahead of the big clash on Sunday.