Liverpool fans Troll Chelsea by singing Rafa Benitez song at Wigan

Chelsea’s “interim manager” Rafa Benitez may have had a tough time at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, during the 1-0 win over West Brom, but the Spaniard does have some loyal fans in England.

Late on in Liverpool’s 4-0 victory Wigan, fans of the Merseyside giants broke out into song about Benitez, in one of the most ironic chants heard in 2012/2013.

You would imagine, if it were even possible, that Liverpool supporters chanting for Benitez, will only inspire more ire from the Chelsea fans towards the man they call a “fat Spanish waiter.”

Liverpool fans meanwhile, showed plenty of longing for Rafa Benitez’s time as manager at Anfield, as they also sang about Luis Garcia, who later thanked them on Twitter on Saturday evening.

See Tweet below and second video for the Luis Garcia song. The first video is of Liverpool fans singing about Rafa Benitez at Wigan.

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