Liverpool fan arrested for playing (boisterous) ball in Madrid square [Video]

Liverpool’s travelling support have been giving it the old Brit Abroad in Madrid today, drinking tins of lager in public squares and making their presence felt, seen and heard.

A large bunch of them set up base in Madrid’s Plaza Espana, and began playing a bit of boisterous ball, smashing the ball up in the air in the hope of it landing near people eating on one of the many restaurant terraces.

The police caught wind of what was going on, and arrived on the scene to put an end to the wild ball game, but that just got the Liverpool fans even more excited, as they tried their best to keep it out of reach of the Policia.

One Scouser intercepted the ball just as one of the cops was about to catch it, and lashed it away.

They caught hold of him and put him under arrest!

Harsh? #FreeTheMadridOne

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