Steven Gerrard: I’d cover half my body in tattoos if we won the Premier League this year’ [Video]

Foot-in-mouth interviewer Geoff Shreeves landed an exclusive interview with Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, though surprisingly and gladly he managed to spend 17 disaster-free minutes with Stevie G.

Shreeves was on his best behaviour as the pair talked life and football, with Gerrard’s excitement at being involved in this season’s title race clearly showing in his animated talk.

Gerrard spoke openly and candidly about Liverpool’s chances of ‘nicking’ the Premier League this year, what with it being so tight.

In fact, it would mean so much to Stevie G to win the league for his boyhood club that he says he’d happily cover half his body in tattoos if his dream was realised.

“If someone said to me now ‘cover half your body in tattoos and you’ll win the Premier League’ I’d do it tomorrow.”

“This is probably my best chance to surprise this country and countries throughout the world to maybe nick the Premier League.

“Sitting here in the middle of January I have a fantastic chance of having a right good crack and getting involved in a title race. I’ve finished second on a couple of occasions but we’ve never come really close.

“If we perform like we have done over the last couple of months we can get involved in the title race so that is very exciting.

“It scares me in a way because I don’t know how I’d handle myself.

“I think it would top the Champions League because it is the one I haven’t got.”

Shreeves then moved the discussion onto the subject of homosexuality in football, with Thomas Hitzlsperger ‘coming out’ earlier this week.

Gerrard interestingly revealed he’d have no issue with it; in fact it would be completely normal to him as he has many gay friends outside of football.

Watch the brilliant interview below.

We don’t say it often but well done Geoff Shreeves!