Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers says being top of the league is ‘absolutely wonderful, it’s great!’ [Video]

The sun is really shining on Brendan Rodgers these days.

It looks as if everyday is a lott0-winning Christmas for the Northern Irishman of late, with his Liverpool sitting pretty atop the league and cruising to their first league title in 24 years.

After taking so long to get into this position, many thought the Reds may crumble under the pressure, but not a bit of it: they look even more in their element.

And as Rodgers told the press pack today, he’s lovin’ it. ‘It’s absolutely wonderful, it’s great being top of the league!’

‘People talk about losing sleep; I haven’t slept better!’

There’s no denying it, the man is oozing swagger right now, and his players are feeding off it.