Did Bould say ‘How many times?’ behind Wenger’s back after Villa scored at Arsenal

Hark back to the beginning of the season and articles were bountiful about the defensive genius Steve Bould was bringing to the Arsenal backline.

How long ago that feels now.

Arsenal’s rocky campaign in the Premier League, in the cups and in Europe has constantly lead to criticism that the Gunners’ rearguard is not good enough.

Within that context, questions are being aimed at the success of new defensive coach Steve Bould, and in particular, why isn’t he able to get the Gunners more solid at the back.

Last Saturday against Aston Villa, it looked like Bould was also fed up with the constant errors of the Arsenal back four.

After Andreas Weimann equalised for Aston Villa in the 68th minute in a move which started with an Arsenal corner, the Match of the Day cameras appeared to catch Bould mouthing the phrase “How many times?”

Then, during the Match of the Day replay of the away goal, Bould looked to have said: “How many times must I say it to you” behind manager Arsene Wenger’s back.

Was this comment aimed at the Professor or the Gunners’ defenders? Make up your own mind by watching the footage below.