Lionel Messi’s lawyer Martell: ‘There was little intent of commiting fraud; great willingness to normalise situation’

Following Leo Messi’s appearance at Gava court yesterday to declare for his accused tax fraud case, his lawyer Cristobal Martell spoke to the waiting press pack outside, and it looks like good news for the Messi clan.

His James Joyce lookalike lawyer said:

The Messi family has wanted that we act with transparency, clarity and with a sense of cooperation, and that is how things went today as well,” said Cristobal Martell, Messi’s lawyer

“It was evident that there was little intent of committing fraud and a great willingness to normalize the situation with the tax office and to not get involved in a fierce battle with the state in an attempt to interpret the current tax regulations.”
It is now up to the judge to evaluate and decide the level of complicity and knowledge Leo and Jorge Messi had in the matter. If the case goes to trial and Messi and his father are found guilty, they could face a fine reaching 150 percent of the amount of back taxes and a possible prison sentence.
Watch Messi’s lawyer explain the latest developments outside the courthouse yesterday on the clip below.
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