Lionel Messi’s agent provides proof that his player paid charity match money to Unicef [Scanned Invoice Doc]

Lionel Messi’s had his share of fiscal issue this year, and seems to be putting out fires left right and centre.

The latest accusation to rear its head was that his father Jorge had laundered the money raised from Unicef charity matches to Colombian drug traffickers, but this has been speedily refuted by his agent Guillermo Marin, who’s provided documented proof that there’s nothing to hide.

The wild above rumour surfaced after an unnamed NGO claimed it hadn’t received the money promised from the Messi Foundation from the relevant game.

The above document proves that Messi did indeed pay 300,000 dollars to Unicef for two charity games played in South America over the last year.

Being Messi’s agent is becoming quite the hectic job…