Lionel Messi will ask Barcelona to pay him more than Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo [Lluís Mascaró, SPORT]

Cristiano Ronaldo’s bombastic Real Madrid contract extension apparently hasn’t gone unnoticed in Barcelona, with one figure in particularly feeling piqued.

Appearing on Spanish late-night talk show Punto Pelota, SPORT journalist Lluis Mascaró claimed Messi is irked at being overtaken in the earning stakes by Cristiano Ronaldo’s circa €18 million net per year.

Mascaró explains Messi’s logic that, being the best player in the world, he should thus logically be the best paid player in the world, which he is now way off with his current net salary around €12.5 million.

With Messi’s entourage believing Neymar to be earning in the region of €17 million, the four-time Ballon d’Or now wants to earn anywhere in excess of €18 million, to make himself the highest paid player in the world.

As explained in a separate SPORT article, however, there’s just one problem with Messi’s wish: he only signed a contract extension last February which takes him through to 2018, and club President Sandro Rossel