Lionel Messi tells the story of the 1st time he met Aguero: Kun asked, “who are you?”

Lionel Messi has regaled the tale of the first time he met Manchester CIty striker Sergio Aguero during a TV interview ahead of Argentina’s World Cup qualifier against Venezuela.

This is a story which has already been told by Kun some time ago.

Back in 2012, Aguero recalled the day in 2005 when he incredibly didn’t know who Lionel Messi was until he sat next to him for a meal with one of Argentina’s youth sides.

Now Messi has had the opportunity to tell the story from his perspective.

The Barcelona star, who wasn’t  instantly recognisable to his Argentinean teammates in his youth days due to the fact that Leo joined the Catalans at just 11, remember how Aguero “just looked at me… and at some point he just couldn’t take it anymore and told me: ‘hey, who are you?’ The guys wanted to eat him alive.”

Watch Lionel Messi’s version of the first time he met Kun Aguero below.