Lionel Messi still never dives & the Xavi break dance (Valencia-Barcelona)

“We are coming away with a very good victory. These are points that at the end of the season can bring you a title. We still have our most difficult matches to come. Right now everyone has things at stake. But we are optimistic. We are happy with our form.” – Xavi.

Once again Barcelona claimed all three points at Valencia last night in one of their toughest games of the season at the home of the third best team in La Liga.

Lionel Messi came to the fore, with a triple miss early on, followed by the winner on 77 minutes. The diminutive Argentine also proved once again that he simply refuses to dive.

In the first half, when body checked by two Valencia defenders Messi simply refused to go down, thereby once again enhancing his reputation as a player that simply never dives. (For more on “Messi never dives” see this blog article from December.)

There was also another stand out moment in the second half which deserves your attention, as Xavi showed that he could also grace the disco with a break dance move to control the ball in the middle of the park.


It of course will come as no surprise to any of you who follow this site regularly that the Madrid based press (namely Marca and AS) have jumped on a questionable decision that denied Valencia a goal in last night’s game.

In fairness, this time it was hugely debatable and would have put Valencia ahead. Jordi Alba is very close to being onside from Juan Mata’s pass – as this video proves.

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