Lionel Messi on Tencent Weibo (Chinese Twitter): ‘If I don’t feel the same love from Barcelona fans, I’ll look for a solution’

Lionel Messi isn’t on Twitter, but he is on the Chinese equivalent, ‘Tencent Weibo’.

And the four-time Ballon D’Or has made some pretty surprisingly remarks on the Chinese microblog in light of Barcelona losing out on La Liga last Saturday, and the Cule faithful’s subsequent whistling of their top scorer.

Messi enigmatically ‘Tweeted’:

‘I’m very happy, it’s my home as I’ve always said. It’s the people of Barcelona who decide my future but my intention is to continue, as long as I feel the same ‘cariño’ (love/affection) from them; but if that isn’t the case I’ll look for a solution because I always want the best for this club.’

‘This year maybe wasn’t as we’d hoped and personally it wasn’t my best. But I’m convinced that, like the whole group, next year will be different.

We had the opportunity of winning the league in the final game but we didn’t manage to take advantage.’

In light of Messi’s contract extension just last Friday, these declarations are surprising to say the least.

Why now? Why in Chinese?

Messi’s Tweibo account can be seen here.