Lionel Messi insults and bullies teammates at Barcelona [El Confidencial]

El Confidencial have published some damning revelations and quotes on the best footballer on the planet, Lionel Messi.

Rumoured to have a superior attitude on the Barcelona training ground, Spanish investigative site El Confidencial have released some shocking quotes by the little Argentinian.

El Confidencial claim that the unrest in the dressing room has been kept under wraps due to a dressing room Omerta -‘law of silence’.

It may not be 100% true but with a positive public image, Leo Messi will not be happy with this article.

Hopefully he doesn’t take his anger out on his teammates.

The story has allegedly filtered out from Alejandro Grimaldo and Gerard Deulofeu, who told teammates during their summer with Spain U19s.

The shocking quotes from the article have been translated below by @Paul_Morrissey.