Lionel Messi DID go back to shake hand of kid mascot before Argentina-Bosnia-Herzegovina

Forget Lionel Messi’s goal against Bosnia-Herzegovina in Argentina’s 2-1 win at the Maracana on Sunday night.

There has been intensive dissection of another incident involving the Argentine forward before the victory against Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Lionel Messi appeared to ignore/miss/not see a young mascot, who appeared heart broken having failed to shake hands with the Barcelona star.

For more, see: Kid mascot misses out on hand shake with Lionel Messi, looks heart broken :(.

Now, new videos have emerged showing Messi DID return to the young mascot – who must be the most unlucky kid on the planet, as he had since moved away and never got his hand shake.

Instead, another little boy was able to shake the hand of Lionel Messi…

Glad we could set the record straight!

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