Lionel Messi denies ignoring kid mascot: “I would never do such a thing to a young boy”

Despite scoring his first World Cup goal in eight years, in Argentina’s 2-1 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lionel Messi has become embroiled in a controversy from the minutes preceding the game.

Lionel Messi is alleged to have ignored a young mascot, who had put out his hand to greet the Argentina star, and looked crestfallen when he was ignored.

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Lionel Messi DID go back to shake hand of kid mascot before Argentina-Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Barcelona forward was asked in a press conference on Monday how it was that he appeared to ignore the mascot and he denied the allegations vociferously.

Messi: “How could it be that I did not want to greet the boy? I just did not realise he was there. In fact, I spoke to two other children in the line.”

The Argentine continued: “I would never do such a thing when I have a nephew and young son, I would never do such a thing with a boy.”

Surely the youngster will be found and shown shaking hands with Lionel Messi in the coming days. It seems inevitable now…