Lionel Messi credits Ronaldinho and Pirlo for under-the-wall free-kick v Uruguay

“Free kick under wall? Ronaldinho and Pirlo scored that way recently. Had some doubts, but took the gamble and it worked out fine.” – Lionel Messi.

We appear to be watching Lionel Messi become a free-kick master to go along with all his other ludicrous footballing talents.

The Barcelona forward has scored seven goals from free-kicks in the last year, including two against Real Madrid.

Since he is also smashing the goals in at international level (Messi is the only player in world football to score more than 10 goals for his country in 2012), it is as if he is ticking off every last remaining criticism.

But, it is his comments after the two-goal haul in the 3-0 win over Uruguay that show Messi is a student of football as well.

Ronaldinho claimed an under-the-wall free-kick for Atletico Mineiro v Figueirense last Saturday night and the following day Andrea Pirlo did exactly the same thing for Juventus v Siena.

And, as the Catalan press have been keen to point out, Ronaldinho did this all the way back in December 2006 for Barcelona against Werder Bremen.

All 4 under-the-wall free-kicks mentioned above can be seen here:

Lionel Messi (2) v Uruguay

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Ronaldinho v Figueirense

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Andrea Pirlo v Siena

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Ronaldinho v Werder Bremen

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