Lionel Messi blasts Barça vice-Pres: ‘He knows nothing about football, wants to manage club like a company’ [Spanish Press]

Trouble at Can Barça.

With the problems Barcelona have been having this season – injuries, identity crises, generational problems – this is the last thing the club needed.

Super-crack Lionel Messi has blasted Barcelona vice-President all the way from Argentina, for what he deems to be lies from the suit’s mouth.

Vice-Prez Faus irked the club’s star player with some tactless comments on Catalan TV, in which he disrespectfully referred to him as ‘that senor’, and saying that he didn’t believe Messi was worthy of a pay rise.

Messi is said to be incredulous at this statement – first and foremost because he’s never even inquired about a pay rise.

Messi told Argentine radio ‘El món’ de RAC 1′:

“Barcelona is the best club in the world and should be represented by the best board members too,” Messi said. “Señor Faus is someone who doesn’t know anything about football and wants to manage Barcelona like a business, which it is not.

“Besides, I would remind him that neither I nor anyone from my camp has asked for any wage increase and he knows that very well.”

Many Barcelona fans have been asking for a definitive break from Guardiolism, the diktat of which was always to ‘keep Messi happy’.

With these comments from Faus they may have finally got what they wished…