Lineswoman Sian Massey warns RVP & Fernando Torres to “be careful” [Video]

Ever since Sian Massey was unwittingly part of the affair that saw Richard Keys and Andy Gray leave Sky Sports, there has always been a fascination with the most famous lineswoman in England.

On Sunday, during Manchester United 0 – Chelsea 1, Massey once again put in an impeccable performance – she does have the knack of almost always getting the decisions correct.

It is hugely impressive that she has not been the centre of attention for making a mistake throughout her career in the top flight of English football.

During Chelsea’s 1-0 win at Old Trafford we got to hear Massey’s voice during a short spat between substitute Fernando Torres and Robin van Persie.

Listen to Sian Massey on the video below. Followed by a Meme that has already appeared of El Nino v RVP.