Like Bowser in Mario Kart, Ronaldo begins to build up some steam

Call him big-boned, chunky or just fat, the real Ronaldo continues to look like he is struggling to shift his excess weight picked up after his 10-month absence from the game, however there are positive signs suggesting that the Brazilian striker is heading down the right road of recovery.

New footage has been released of Ronaldo’s recent training session, where the forward seemed happily integrated into his new Corinthians’ squad taking part an “attackers vs defenders” drill.

This is the first footage since Ronaldo began his rehabilitation which sees the striker constantly working with the ball, rather than just working on his fitness.

And the results are fairly impressive. Although still-oversized, like Bowser in Mario Kart, Ronaldo is beginning to look capable of using his size to his advantage, dwarfing most of the players around him and looking difficult to shift off the ball.

The highlight of the footage comes after 0.35 seconds, as Ronaldo evidenced that he still has the finesse to score eye-catching goals.

Footage of Ronaldo’s latest training session can be seen here.