Like A Rockstar: Alessandro Del Piero touches down in Australia to a hero’s welcome from Sydney FC fans

Australian soccer may not be prime-time billing, but if Alessandro Del Piero’s welcome if anything to go that may be about to change.

Around 500 boisterous Sydney FC fans waited patiently at Sydney International Airport for 35-year-old Del Piero to emerge out of out of the terminal following his two day trip from Italy.

When he finally appeared Del Piero was hit by a wall of sound: the Sydney supporters erupted in jubilation at the sight of one of the great footballers of his generation.

Del Piero also offered his new fans a few words in return, saying “I am not here for the end of my career. I am here for the start of a new career.”

On signing for Sydney FC, Del Piero has become the highest-paid footballer in the history of the A-League after he agreed a two-year, $2 million-a-season deal.

Watch Alessandro Del Piero’s rockstar welcome to Australia below.