L’Equipe wade into the Joey Barton/Thiago Silva row: “So this is British Humour?”

For background on the Joey Barton/Thiago Silva spat, see: Joey Barton Tweets Thiago Silva was immense v Barcelona, then compares Brazilian to a Lady Boy.

On Wednesday evening, in an unprecedented move, PSG threatened Joey Barton with legal action over his Tweets.

A statement on the PSG website said: “Thiago Silva and Paris St-Germain reserve the right to take any action they deem necessary.”

The statement continued: “Unacceptable remarks have been made by Olympique Marseille player Joey Barton against Paris St Germain player Thiago Silva. These attacks are serious and go beyond mere verbal jousting. The directors of the club, the players and the coaching staff are supportive of Thiago Silva and cannot accept such statements. They reaffirm their unwavering commitment to the values of respect that should govern our sport.”

Marseille meanwhile, have called on Barton to “put an end to the controversy” and to stop his “uploading [of] any ungracious comments aimed at Thiago Silva” and also issued an apology on his behalf.

At the time of posting, Joey Barton had not many any new/more comments about Thiagi Silva or the PSG statement.