Legally Grounded: Kim Tae-yeon (Mito Hollyhock) vs Sagan Tosu

More crazy shenanigans from the J-League, with the following footage coming from Saturday’s second division match between Sagan Tosu and Mito Hollyhock, which the visitors won 3-1.

The controversay blew up on the hour mark as Mito struck their second goal of the game through their South Korean midfielder Kim Tae-yeon.

The goal itself was a fine, well-struck drive that flew into the net perfectly legally from 25-yards out. However it was the build up to the goal which infuriated the Tosu players as, just before Kim reeled off his shot, the referee, who undoubtedly was standing in an active position right next to the eventual goalscorer, managed to take an untimely tumble seconds before the goal was scored.

The footage clearly shows how once the ref was left sprawling on the turf several Mito players, including the player closest to the action, immediately and seemingly instinctively stopped in their tracks.

For his part, the goal-scorer Kim remembered the golden rule of “always play till the whistle,” and in the absence of any tooting from the grounded official, the goal was allowed to stand.

Cue the post-goal fallout that saw several yellow cards brandished to Sagan Tosu players by the ref.

Footage of the action can be seen here.