Leaked! Is the Spurs 3rd kit on the FIFA 14 Demo before being released on September 19?

Yesterday, on the social networks pictures started doing the rounds from the FIFA 14 Demo of what appears to be the Tottenham 3rd kit.

The Spurs kit on the left (above) is the second away strip, with the darker blue on the right supposed to be the 3rd kit.

On Tuesday, Spurs announced on their official Facebook page that the 3rd kit would be announced on Thursday, presumably in the lead up to the Europa League clash with Tromso.

Did Tottenham not realise their yet to be released 3rd kit was on the FIFA 14 Demo?

Or was it simply a cunning plan to boost interest and sales before the launch date?

Picture above is the FIFA 14 screenshot, below is the image of the Facebook teaser from Spurs.