Leaked: Germany’s Pyjama-style away shirt for Euro 2016

Germany’s away shirt for Euro 2016 has been leaked, and it’s a pretty dramatic break from the norm.

Die Nationalmannschaft have traditionally gone with a simple white home shirt, and either a black or green away number.

The away shirt for World Cup 2014, which was a black and red striped number based on Flamengo’s shirt, was a huge hit in Brazil, so it’s a surprise that the DFB have decided to change that shirt so soon.

The simple shirts were reflective of the serious and efficient image the Germany teams of old cultivated, but with the current generation a much more expressive and multi-cultural group, perhaps this strip is an effort to reflect this new flamboyance.

As is standard practice on the Internet, perhaps a bit too much is being made of it; it certainly is different and ‘out there’ but will probably look a bit better when worn.