Lazy? Karim Benzema runs 10km per game, the 2nd highest distance at Real Madrid

Going through his longest ever international drought, and not exactly turning up trees at his club, Karim Benzema is going through something of a crisis.

The Real Madrid striker’s situation with Les Bleus has become almost tragicomic, with Benzema’s drought stretching over to 1,217 hours of football, and showing no clear end in sight.

Many charge Benzema with laziness, arguing he doesn’t work hard enough when the going gets tough.

Benzema defended himself at Les Bleus’ camp today, insisting the drought is not down to lack of effort, claiming he runs…10 kilometres per match!

Looking at first like he may have been exagerrating slightly, MARCA corroborate his stats, confirming that he covers more ground than anyone at Real Madrid, bar one unnamed player (Di Maria?).

Watch Benzema defend himself with his 10km stat attack on the clip below (in French).

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