Lazio keeper Berisha saves Dyakov’s (Ludo) Panenka, trolls him with naughty finer wag [GIF]

The risks of playing penalty Russian Roulette…

Ludo’s – PFC Ludogorets Razgrad to give them their full name – striker Dyakov had the cojones to take a Panenka penalty against Lazio in the Europa League tonight, but Lazio keeper Berisha held a poker face, and called his bluff.

Berisha read the Panenka like a telegram, stood his ground, and caught it as if playing catch with a toddler.

And Berisha milked the coup for all it was worth, wagging his finger at Dyakov like a parent scolding a naughty boy.

You gotta love it from Berisha, it’s not every day a keeper gets to celebrate like that, and it must be annoying when a striker tries to embarrass you like that.

Keeper’s revenge!

(Lucky for Dyakov, he got away with it, as Ludo still managed to pull off a big 1-0 win.)

Watch gif of the incident above.