Laporta (Barca), Rio Ferdinand (United) & Yakubu (Everton) attend the wedding of Pini Zahavi’s daughter (video)

The Israeli sport paparazzi had an overload of A-listers to contend with on Tuesday night as the world’s super-agent, Pini Zahavi, threw a party for his daughter’s wedding in which the great and the good of world football made an appearance.

Speaking in English, Barcelona chairman Joan Laporta was the first personality to give an interview with the local journalists, the Catalan supermo explaining how he was enjoying his time in the Holy Land before being quizzed on the future of Israel’s next superstar, Guy Asulin, who is already on the Champions League winners books.

Guy Asulin was then himself interviewed, before ex-Liverpool duo of Avi Cohan and Graeme Souness conducted a short joint interview on camera.

Next, Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand rolled up to the cameras to give the local media the interview they all wanted. Calling Rio “an ambassador for Israel” having regard to the various trips the centre-half has made to the Middle East in recent years, Rio confessed “I like it here [in Israel]… every year I come.”

Lastly, Everton’s Yakubu Aiyegbeni was also tracked down, the former Maccabi Haifa striker announcing that “I always think about Israel. I always hope that one day to play again. Really. Serious.”

The full set of interviews can be seen here.