Kyah Cahill (Tim’s son) sings the American national anthem before NY RB 2 – DC United 1

Tim Cahill was a proud man in the lead up to New York Red Bulls’ 2-1 win in the MLS over DC United on Saturday night.

Just before kick off, all eyes were on Tim’s son Kyah as he belted out a rather impressive rendition of the American national anthem.

Kyah Cahill is 10-years-old and appears to be in the perfect city to advance his dreams to be an entertainment star of the future.

Predictably, there have already been calls in Australia for Kyah to sign before a Socceroos match which after his performance in New York now seems an absolute certainty.

Video of Kyah Cahill singing the American national anthem is below. Followed by Tim Cahill’s proud Instagram picture.

And then of course Tim Cahill scored the winner for New York Red Bulls, this is also on the final video below.


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