Konstantin Vassiljev scores 2 awesome golazos in Estonia’s epic near-win v Holland

Having come so close to a truly historic win over the Oranje, Estonia can still be proud of the point gained in tonight’s 2-2 draw.

The one disappointing thing about it, though, is that Konstantin Vassiljev wonderful brace now won’t get anywhere near the credit it deserves; had the brace taken Estonia to victory his name would have gone down in local legend.

For Vassiljev’s first, he pulled off a ridiculously audacious NUTS before unleashing a low arrow into the bottom corner to give Estonia the lead.

For Vassiljev’s second, less spectacular but still very much a golazo, he kissed a delicate lob over the Dutch keeper after a brilliant first touch.

Konstantin Vassiljev, take a bow son!

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