Koln Keeper Clanger! Timo Horn tries juggling his way out of trouble, has a FAIL v Dynamo Dresden

The opening day of the German second division on Saturday saw a brilliant goalie FAIL in the 1-1 draw between Koln and Dynamo Dresden.

After Koln took the lead midway through the second half, Dynamo equalised with a goal from Tobias Kempe in the 79th minute following a terrible mistake from visiting keeper Timo Horn.

20-year-old Horn suffered a rush of blood to his head when, rather than whacking the ball into row Z when under pressure from a backpass, the custodian tried to juggle his way out of trouble by taking on a Dresden forward in his own box.

That course of action proved a poor choice, and seconds later the home team had drawn level.

Enjoy Timo Horn’s FAIL on the opening day of the Bundesliga 2 season below.