Knock-Outs: Michal Zewlakow (Olympiakos) vs Ronald Garcia (Aris) & Mafinga Vital Slefri (Asyut Petrol) vs Mahmoud Fathallah (Zamalek)

Two pieces of footage to bring you showing two clashes caught on camera over the last few days.

First we head to Greece, where on Sunday Olympiakos were frustrated in a goalless draw with Aris that all but ensured the local powerhouse miss out on the Champions League next season. Frustrated by their failings, defender Michal Zewlakow took his anger our on Ronald Garcia by slyly whacking his opponent when the referee’s back was turned.

After the two became embroiled in a heated exchange, Zewlakow escalated the tensions by cuffing Garcia with an open left hand. Once contact was made Garcia immediately hit the deck, but with the officials gaze elsewhere, the Polish centre-half got away with his assualt.

Michal Zewlakow vs Ronald Garcia can be seen here.

While the incident in Greece was a little handbags-at-nine-paces, far more dramatic was the collision between Mafinga Vital Slefri and Mahmoud Fathallah in Egypt last Thursday.

In a far more honest situation, Fathallah attempted to steer a header on target by connecting with a left-wing cross but, after connecting with the ball, the forward was also headbutted by Mafinga Vital Slefri as he tried to defend his goal.

The headbutt immediately drew blood from Fathallah’s head as the striker was busted open in horrific circumstances. Fathallah was eventually taken to hospital where he needed 19 stitches to close up the wound.

Mahmoud Fathallah’s shocking head injury can be seen here.