Kicked, booed, but unbeaten: Neymar’s Individual Highlights (Celtic 0 – Barça 1)

Last night’s game at Celtic Park proved an interesting test for Neymar; a tough, hostile away day, and away from the cocoon of the injured Messi, Neymar had the added responsibility of leading the line and shipping the challenges.

The incident with Scott Brown, which he overplayed but was the innocent party after all, shouldn’t detract from what was overall a very solid performance from Ney, who carried Barcelona’s greatest attacking threat throughout.

A lovely flicked effort in the first half could have seem him nick a goal, but otherwise most of his work was done deeper in the channels.

Barca fans worried that Neymar was getting stuck in Messi’s shadow will have been encouraged by what they saw from Neymar on his first big test without his hero.

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