Kevin Prince Boateng discusses his Rosa Parks moment during CNN interview

The reverberations around Kevin Prince Boateng’s walk-off protest have been felt worldwide.

To recap, The Prince reacted to racist monkey chants from a section of the Pro Patria crowd five minutes into their friendly with AC Milan on Thursday last.

Pro Patria players pleaded with Prince to think twice and stay on the pitch, clearly aware of the infamy the move would bring to the small town club.

Prince had his mind made up, however, and with that became the first ever professional footballer to bring a game to a halt for such a reason in what could prove to be a historic moment in football’s battle with racism.

The importance of his brave action is only beginning to sink in for Boateng, and the sense of shock is still palpable in his interview with CNN’s Pedro Pinto on the clip below. He thanks everyone for the support, and takes Pinto through the emotions he went through when he took his momentous decision.

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