Karim Benzema paid €8000 for two nights with a Belgian transsexual prostitute, says prostitute

Belgium website Sud Info have published a huge allegation on their website claiming that Karim Benzema paid €8000 for two nights with a Belgian transsexual prostitute.

Benzema’s sexual exploits are very much in the public spotlight after the Real Madrid attacker was accused, along with Franck Ribery, of having underage sex with a prostitute, Zahia Dehar.

Whilst that court case is yet to start, Benzema’s reputation has now come under fresh attack amid claims that he twice hired the services of a transsexual prostitute.

Sud Info held an interview with 29-year-old busty blonde Victoria Dorval, who started her life known as Johnny.

Five years ago Johnny became Victoria, and in the meantime the resident of Fleurus, Charleroi, claims that she had sex with Karim Benzema as well his rapper friend Booba. Victoria claims that after meeting Benzema in Paris with his friend Zahia Dehar, “He wanted us to meet. He offered me 2,000 euros. I finally agreed.

Benzema then contacted Victoria for a second get-together, for which she raised her fee to 6,000 euros.

“He knew about my surgery, but he told me that it did not bother him. Instead, he said it was even better, ‘I had a physical young woman.'”

At the same time, Victoria said she was contacted by Karim Benzema’s rapper friend Booba: “He wanted to spend the night with me, it cost him 3,000 euros. His manager made ​​me sign a contract forbidding me from talking about that night in the tabloids.”

“And then, of course, they [Benzema and Booba] both denied it. They are embarrassed to have used paid sexual services and, more importantly, with a transsexual. Personally, I’ve never told the French press, there is even a video circulating on the net where I I was interviewed and said that I do not wish to make any comment.”

Victoria Dorval claims she is only now talking to the press as the story had already leaked in France.

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