Kaka: “It was a pleasure to work with Seedorf but good luck to Inzaghi” [Football Italia]

AC Milan legend Kaka has said that it was a pleasure working with Clarence Seedorf last season and that he also wishes Pippo Inzaghi good luck in his first season as Milan manager.

Kaka played with both players during his first spell at Milan and the trio won the European Cup together as well as other trophies.

Seeing Seedorf sacked for Inzaghi may have divided Kaka’s loyalties but the playmaker, now on loan at another former club, Sao Paolo, was diplomatic and complimented both former players.

This extract from an article by Football Italia shows the quotes made by Kaka on the AC Milan old boys: “On Clarence all I can say is that it was always a pleasure working with him,” Kaka told reporters as he was unveiled as a Sao Paulo player for the next three months.

“The period that we worked together was always very professional and sincere. The fact that it was the beginning of his coaching career was never an issue.

“From my point of view it was really nice to work with him.

“I wish Pippo the best of luck – he is a great friend and a great person.”