Kaiserslautern’s Matmour inexplicably skies a shot over the bar from 4 metres out v 1860 Munich

The Bundesliga 2 resumed service last weekend and didn’t take long to provide a spate of talking points, this one giving Kaiserslaughtern’s Karim Matmour nightmares.

Playing their first game of the season against 1860 Munich, things weren’t going great for Kaiserslautern; they were losing 2-0 and this shot for Matmour seemed to sum up what kind of a day it was.

The attacker had a giant goal in front of him to pick where to place the ball that graced him with an easy opportunity to score but hoofed the ball over the bar from just four metres out.

Luckily for Matmour, his side came back to win 3-2 and (almost) banish his miss to irrelevance.