Juventus release plans to renovate the Stadio Delle Alpi

The Old Lady of Italian football is looking to set up home in a new abode, with Juventus unveiling plans for a 40,000 all-seater stadium on the site of their former ground. By doing so, the club from Turin will become the first team in Serie A to own their own ground, the Stadio Delle Alpi.

Juventus are currently joint-tenants in the Stadio Olimpico with local rivals Torino. But in order to fund the move into their own groud estimates place the fee for their new stadium at 105 million euros for the new stadium. Helping to raise the capital, Juve are looking to generate around 75 million of the sum by opening the naming rights up for a tender. If all goes to plan the new stadium will open in May 2011.

The club will renovate the Stadio Delle Alpi, which they left in 2006, three years after buying it from the Turin council. The stadium was built for Italia ’90 but it never acquired a positive reputation, being generally disliked and unpopular for failing to generate much of an atmosphere, particularly having regard to the running track circling the pitch.

Under the plans for the new stadium, fans will be sat close to the action and according to Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, they will be able “to hear players’ voices.” Juventus also intend to add a new commercial centre to the existing site, including 24 bars and eight restaurants. The new stadium will resemble Munich’s Allianz Arena.

The digital plans for the new Stadio Delle Alpi can be seen here.

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