Just Plain Wrong! Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi has Maxi Lopez’s 3 kids’ names and faces tattooed to his arm

This is just wrong.

Mauro Icardi, who stole the girlfriend of former teammate Maxi Lopez while at Sampdoria, has made a thing of rubbing Maxi’s face in his coup, regularly posting pictures of himself witth Wanda Nara, along with her three kids – whose father is Maxi Lopez.

Icardi’s taken the thing to a whole new, base level, by having the three children tattooed to his arm, depicted as angels, with their names below.

Why….Why would you do that?!?!

Poor Maxi Lopez, who’s been dignified about the whole thing. How low blow must it be to see you kids’ tattooed to another man’s arm?!

Mauro Icardi may have a bright future in football ahead of him, but there’s no doubt about it; he’s a wrong ‘un!

Icardi tweeted his new ink, with the message, ‘I love these three little angels’.